Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ikka Shinjyuu- "Jishu Seikatsu" and "Kurbitsuri"

So everyone seemed pretty happy when I posted the "Dead Section" and "Dead Section III" records earlier so here are two more. First is the "Jishu Seikatsu" 7". I believe this is from 1989 and was released on Premium Records (?). The second is "Kurbitsuri" I think this was form the early 90's (91?), but I have no idea on what label. If anyone has that information it would be pretty splendid to know.
Anyway, here you go. Enjoy.

Track Lists (sorry i spaced on these in the original post)
Jishu Seikatsu
1. Re Juirs
2. Japanese Title
3. Ole-S
4. No No No
5. Solder "T"
6. V.N.A.
7. "Japanese Title"

1. Kurbitsuri
2. Ikkashinjyuu

DivShare File - ikka shinjyuu - jishu seikatsu 7__

DivShare File - ikka shinjyuu - kurbitsuri 7__


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting these as well! i didn't realize that ikka shijyuu had so many records...for some reason i only thought it was the slowdown ep and the dead sections...

do you happen to have the swanky's ep that was released on dogma records? it was like "best of part 2" or something...

thanks again!

piter said...

dobry staf :)

AlexPro said...

Thank you so fucking much for everything you've posted!
There is a new tiny forum about japanese hardcore punk (in case if someone's interested)

p.s. THANX one more time. Especially for A.T.DET and rare IKKASHINJYUU records. These are a TOTAL REVELATION =)

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kenken said...

I am from Japan and like IKKASHINJYUU,even now.

well,I think that "Kurbitsuri" is the one was released on "Kyoukatabira Record"
In 1988,They separated into a lead guitar faction that was Premium Record and a vocal faction that was kyoukatabira Record.
unfortunately,they two bands completely stoped their acts.

maddie0147 said...

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