Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fuck Geez-"ZZZ" and "Not For Sale"

So here are a couple of 7" flexis from Fuck Geez. First up is the "ZZZ" flexi from 1985 and second is the "Not For Sale" flexi from 86. Fuck Geez released at least one other flexi, a tape, an ep, a video and an LP too. Contributed tracks to various MCR comps. All great, all on MCR Records, which is still putting out really great stuff.

They also had a track or two on the "Virus" comp, released on Jungle Hop in 1987.

Track Lists
1. Hataraki takunai
2. No Thank You
3. Higaimosou
4. How To Sex

"Not For Sale"
1. I Love You
2. Fool Girl

DivShare File - fuck geez - zzz flexi - 1985

DivShare File - fuck geez - not for sale 7__ flexi -


Anonymous said...

Fuck Geez was Yumikes band.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Cheers, love the fuzz!!!

Anonymous said...

cool thanks

djJonSnow said...

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