Thursday, November 29, 2007

Old School Japanese Punk Assault Part 3

Alright so back again with a few more tasty treats for everybody.
First up I have a couple Junk Schizo 7" releases. I've got the 1984 "Pity To The Ignorant" 7" released on Doom Records and the 1985 "Crime of Existence" 7" released on AA Records. Junk Schizo were a band from Kyoto who released these two and I THINK a self titled EP (don't quote me). The singer was a guy from New Jersey named John. Bass was handled by Seido, drums by Obara and Guitar by Thuchiya. Just in case anybody cares.

Next I've got the Aburadako unreleased Demo tape from 1984. This is great. 7 unreleased tracks from their studio demo, 3 live tracks from a set at Hosei University (6/24/84 is the date noted) AND as a super extra bonus, another untitled, unreleased studio demo track. Talk about delicious.

Alright that's all for now. I'll probably do one more round of this and then maybe take a break from the Japanese stuff for a little while, or maybe not. I guess we'll see. Anyway ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

Whoa totally forgot the track lists.
Here you go

Pity To The Ignorant
1. Black and Red
2. Clown
3. Torture
4. Prisoner

Crime Of Existence
1. Crime of Existence
2. Purple Flower
3. Surfer Girl
4. Kyoto
5. 1984-Goodbye Julia

Aburadako Demo
1. Komenist
2. Jerusalem No Kutsujyoku
3. Fun
4. Crystal Nahat
5. Running High
6. Mu
7. Genbaku
8. Komenist (live)
9. Fun (live)
10. Crystal Nahat (live)
11. Untitled

DivShare File - 1984 pity to the ignorant

DivShare File - 1985 crime of existence

DivShare File - 1984-2 demo

Monday, November 26, 2007

Old School Japanese Punk Assault Part 2

Okay so sorry it's been a couple days, I was on vacation and shit. But here's some more great Japanese punk stuff from the 80's. I've got Gess's 1983 "Suffer Damage" demo. Final Count's s/t flexi ep from 1984. Freedom's 1984 "Last Revolution" 7". Desperate Children's 1986 "Chaos Fuck Day" 7" ep. And Ikka Shinjyuu's "Dead Section" flexi from 1985 and "Dead Section III" from 1988.

There is a "Dead Section II" but alas I do not have it, so you'll have to find it elsewhere. All of these are pretty obscure. I think that the 83 demo was the only thing Gess ever released and I think the same can be said of the Freedom release (don't quote me on that). Anyway, all this shit tears so enjoy.

Track Lists (ugh it's a long one).

Suffer Damage
1. Suffer Damage
2. Kusodomo
3. (Japanese Title)
4. Cruelty Bomb
5. Hatred
6. Super Punk Man
7. Historyed Glory Dead
8. Beast
9. Give The Noise
10. War Criminal
11. Sutter and Call

Final Count
1. Imitate A Human
2. Silence
3. Will Full Life
4. No Follow The Fashion
5. Double Faced Person

Last Revolution
1. Suicide
2. Last Revolution
3. Shit Babies
4. Freedom System

Chaos Fuck Day
1. Chaos
2. Fuck Day
3. I Love Punk

Dead Section
1. Dead Section
2. I Don't Know
3. Dead You

Dead Section III
1. Just Suicide
2. Dead Section
3. No No No
4. Kanjii

DivShare File - 1983 suffer damage demo

DivShare File - 1984 final count flexi

DivShare File - 1984 last revolution

DivShare File - 1986 chaos fuck day 7__

DivShare File - 1985-1 dead section

DivShare File - 1988 dead section

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Old School Japanese Punk Assault Part 1

Today we have some rarities of old Japanese hardcore punk. I've got Deef's "Real Control" demo from 1984, Bitousha's "Hiromis Party" 7" flexi (also 1984), Barigade's "Dust Hero" flexi from '85 and At Det's "Last Child Has No Power" 7" from '85.

If for some reason you can only get one of these, the pick of the bunch is the At Det one. Absolutely pummeling hardcore punk rock 4 tracks deep. Some really quality guitar solos mixed in without sounding lame, ripping vocals and quality production for a 7" from 1985. Get it.

More of the same on the way. Rock the fuck out kids.

Track listings

Real Control Demo
1. We Kill All Punk Rock Heroes
2. War
3. Nouten
4. Goumon
5. Mesu
6. Y
7. Detai
8. Gensouteki Kyouikuron
9. Kintama
10. Kackiku
11. Nai!
12. Jisatsu
13. Saru No Niku
14. Heaven Pilot
15. Kachiku (live)

Hiromis Party
1. Giseisha to Shiteno Kyouraku
2. Batou Kansha
3. Kyouja to Shiteno Koufuku

Dust Hero
1. Dust Hero
2. Destroyer
3. TP-L
Tracks 4 and 5 are Japanese titles that I couldn't find translations for.

Last Child Has No Power
1. Wheeze
2. Death Shadows
3. Louse Brothers
4. Last Child Has No Power

DivShare File - 1984 real control

DivShare File - 1985 dust hero

DivShare File - 1984 hiromis party part 1 7__

DivShare File - 1985 last child has no power

Monday, November 12, 2007

So here is the plan; I am going to put up music for you to listen to and shit, because I am at college and I am bored. Maybe I'll put up funny pictures if I find any.


So the first bad boy is a little gem of early 70's German prog coming in the form of Subject Esq. The band released just one (eponymous) album under this name and would later release a couple more albums under the moniker of Sahara. If you're asking me, this first album was also their best. Sounding much more bluesy/jazzy/almost jam-bandish than many of their contemporaries in Germany at this time, Subject Esq. seems to be channeling bands like Jethro Tull and early Yes much more directly than Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream. Most of the tracks on this album are nice, meaty, complex pieces that usually incorporate (as one might expect) some passages of direct improvisation. The first two tracks ("Alone" and "Giantania") are titled a bit more towards the pure rock end of the spectrum, with "What Is Love" following up with a much jazzier feel to it. "513" is a nice little piece featuring predominantly the flute and keyboard (handled with great aptitude here by Michael Hofmann and Peter Stadler respectively). "Mammon" is the bear of this album, clocking in at a somewhat modest (at least in the world of prog) 12:40. It has a great great jazz jam line that fades in and out, bouncing on whimsical keyboard work and cushy guitar and flute improv lines. "Durance Is Waiting" is a fine way to close out, with a nice relaxed cruise through the final minutes, letting the guitars out of their cages a little less than halfway through and laying some serious melt on your face.

Some people are going to tell you that Sahara's other two albums are more "mature" or "developed" than this one, and that may be true, but I've always have had the most fun with this. Enjoy.

DivShare File - subject esq. -