Sunday, December 9, 2007

AKA "Gisouai" flexi

Somebody asked for this a while back, so here you go. Sorry it's not much right now.

This was released on Jisatsu Records in 1984. Hot stuff.

Track List
Side A:
1) Dara Dara Dara
2) Finger Love
Side B:
1) Gisouai
2) Tomaranai

DivShare File - aka - gisouai 7__ flexi


Anonymous said...

oh wow! thanks so much for posting this! i'm downloading it right now!

mike/chaos destroy

Anonymous said...

this is really great! it sounds alot like masturbation!

thanks again!
mike/chaos destroy

wedge said...

yet another classic Japanese release i missed out on in the past. seriously, ive got about 1500 Japanese punk & HC records, but theres a few 'major' ones like this ive never had, or could never justify the collectors price...THANKS!!!

btw, this band is actually called "Aka", and its not the initials "AKA". if memory serves me correctly, Aka means "Red", as in the color...whatever...

gabe said...

yea you're right on the name. i probably shouldn't have capitalized it. hahaha yea i can definitely understand not being able to justify the prices on some of these records.

sexy said...