Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fuck Geez-"ZZZ" and "Not For Sale"

So here are a couple of 7" flexis from Fuck Geez. First up is the "ZZZ" flexi from 1985 and second is the "Not For Sale" flexi from 86. Fuck Geez released at least one other flexi, a tape, an ep, a video and an LP too. Contributed tracks to various MCR comps. All great, all on MCR Records, which is still putting out really great stuff.

They also had a track or two on the "Virus" comp, released on Jungle Hop in 1987.

Track Lists
1. Hataraki takunai
2. No Thank You
3. Higaimosou
4. How To Sex

"Not For Sale"
1. I Love You
2. Fool Girl

DivShare File - fuck geez - zzz flexi - 1985

DivShare File - fuck geez - not for sale 7__ flexi -

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ikka Shinjyuu- "Jishu Seikatsu" and "Kurbitsuri"

So everyone seemed pretty happy when I posted the "Dead Section" and "Dead Section III" records earlier so here are two more. First is the "Jishu Seikatsu" 7". I believe this is from 1989 and was released on Premium Records (?). The second is "Kurbitsuri" I think this was form the early 90's (91?), but I have no idea on what label. If anyone has that information it would be pretty splendid to know.
Anyway, here you go. Enjoy.

Track Lists (sorry i spaced on these in the original post)
Jishu Seikatsu
1. Re Juirs
2. Japanese Title
3. Ole-S
4. No No No
5. Solder "T"
6. V.N.A.
7. "Japanese Title"

1. Kurbitsuri
2. Ikkashinjyuu

DivShare File - ikka shinjyuu - jishu seikatsu 7__

DivShare File - ikka shinjyuu - kurbitsuri 7__

Sunday, December 9, 2007

AKA "Gisouai" flexi

Somebody asked for this a while back, so here you go. Sorry it's not much right now.

This was released on Jisatsu Records in 1984. Hot stuff.

Track List
Side A:
1) Dara Dara Dara
2) Finger Love
Side B:
1) Gisouai
2) Tomaranai

DivShare File - aka - gisouai 7__ flexi

Monday, December 3, 2007

Old School Japanese Punk Assault Part 4: The Extravaganza

Okay. Here's a big fat delivery of more old school Japanese hardcore goodness! It's a doozy today, the biggest thus far. I have for your enjoyment, the following:

The much sought after (or maybe not) Ziga flexi from 1984 released on Jisatsu Records. Ziga had two tracks on the Jisatsu Omnibus 8" Comp EP (also from 84), which is posted over at Good bad Music ( There's a little discussion there of this disc but I couldn't find it actually posted anywhere, so here it is.

Next is the Anti-Septic "First Last" EP from 1985. More well known than some of the stuff here but equally as legit.

Next, Half Years' "Power" 7" EP from 1989. Released on Kagai Mousou Records. Don't know much else about this one, good though.

I've got a great little gem here next, the B-Strife s/t 7" EP from 1985. This is just fantastic. Released on Skeleton Records.

Next up, two War Painted City Indian releases. First is the "WPCI Warning" 7" EP from 85. Second is the "Terror Boogie" 12" from 1986. Both of these were released on AA Records. An interesting factoid about the "Terror Boogie" release. It's catalog number (AA021) was also given to another release on AA Records, namely the Glycerin "From The Depth" 8" from the next year. Don't ask me why.

And finally, another real prize, the Gagize "Traculent Crime" 7" flexi from 1986. Released on Half Alive records. Splendid.

So maybe I'm shooting my wad here, setting the standards a bit high for myself. But I love everyone who reads this and I've got plenty of other stuff to post so here you go. Eat up.

Track Lists

Ziga s/t
1. Kabe
2. I Love Me
3. Genzitsu

First Last EP
1. Visions Of Power
2. War Game
3. Dice With Death
4. Death or Glory

1. Excite
2. Joke
3. Power
4. Bleeder
5. Break
6. Today

B-Strife s/t
1. Tears of 56
2. Nonsense
3. No More Me
4. Fuck The Clumsy Metal

WPCI Warning
1. Viviant Rock
2. W.P.C.I. Warning
3. Let's Hot
4. One Way Eager

Terror Boogie
1. Terror Boogie
2. Magic Lips
3. Despaired Coward
4. Saturday Night Trap
5. Drunky Boxer
6. Prelude To Indian

Traculent Crime
1. Short Hope
2. Destroy Peace 'n' Life
3. Nasty Romance
4. Mortal Rose
5. Traculent Crime
6. Death Fuck
7. Final Revolution

DivShare File - 1984 ziga

DivShare File - 1985 first last

DivShare File - 1989 half years - power

DivShare File - 1985 b-strife

DivShare File - 1985 wpci warning

DivShare File - 1986 terror boogie

DivShare File - 1986 traculent crime 7__