Thursday, November 29, 2007

Old School Japanese Punk Assault Part 3

Alright so back again with a few more tasty treats for everybody.
First up I have a couple Junk Schizo 7" releases. I've got the 1984 "Pity To The Ignorant" 7" released on Doom Records and the 1985 "Crime of Existence" 7" released on AA Records. Junk Schizo were a band from Kyoto who released these two and I THINK a self titled EP (don't quote me). The singer was a guy from New Jersey named John. Bass was handled by Seido, drums by Obara and Guitar by Thuchiya. Just in case anybody cares.

Next I've got the Aburadako unreleased Demo tape from 1984. This is great. 7 unreleased tracks from their studio demo, 3 live tracks from a set at Hosei University (6/24/84 is the date noted) AND as a super extra bonus, another untitled, unreleased studio demo track. Talk about delicious.

Alright that's all for now. I'll probably do one more round of this and then maybe take a break from the Japanese stuff for a little while, or maybe not. I guess we'll see. Anyway ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

Whoa totally forgot the track lists.
Here you go

Pity To The Ignorant
1. Black and Red
2. Clown
3. Torture
4. Prisoner

Crime Of Existence
1. Crime of Existence
2. Purple Flower
3. Surfer Girl
4. Kyoto
5. 1984-Goodbye Julia

Aburadako Demo
1. Komenist
2. Jerusalem No Kutsujyoku
3. Fun
4. Crystal Nahat
5. Running High
6. Mu
7. Genbaku
8. Komenist (live)
9. Fun (live)
10. Crystal Nahat (live)
11. Untitled

DivShare File - 1984 pity to the ignorant

DivShare File - 1985 crime of existence

DivShare File - 1984-2 demo


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the aburadako demo!

Slobodan Burgher said...

thanks again for a brilliantly obscure post!

Anonymous said...

What happened to John Weinstock? Not a trace of him on the interwebs.